Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ow my head

The worst part of headaches is just not getting anything useful done. Bar a quick spruce up of my Steamroller 2011 kit for saturday, and a re-mail for FloodWar, this weeks been rather slow.

On the Warmachine front I've got a 35pt Steamroller this saturday at Infinity Games. I'm hoping for 12, but I think we'll hit 8 - which just means one less round. It'll be great to finally get the 2010 shield up on the wall and give out the individual awards, but higher in my mind is having one or more new players and a few returning MKI players. I really want the guys to get the big State Championship style event they deserve, hopefully this'll be the year.

Closer to home, mostly because it's one of the few things I can stand when drugged up from the icepick in the side of my head, World of Warcraft should finally mean a raid sunday night. It's been great to do some five mans with the old crowd, but a ten man will mean everyones in, and that we can have a nice long run. I'm rusty, but shit I'm only DPSing, so even if I end up out of it on painkillers it'll be great.

Now if the weather and my head can just fuck off and stop conspiring, maybe I can get that damn kitchen table done soon.

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