Friday, February 4, 2011

All hail the victorious!

For a long, long, LONG time I've wanted to put up something in the CBD LGS, Infinity Games to really leave a mark as far as Warmachine's concerned. For years the store has been home to brawling jacks, frenzying beasts, and many a bemoaned "what do you mean I have to write out my list". Now, it's home to something a little more visible. As always, City Trophies have rocked the Cazbah.

Damn that's sexy. Measuring, well, quite a bit across, and with 21 little plaques of awesomeness, the year that was 2010 is now ready to be mounted, adored, and shine on all the newcomers we can handle.

But you don't think that's it do you? Oh no.


The shields are just gorgrous, they couldn't possibly be more awesome. After seeing how Stewart's Trophies handled the Steamroller 2010 logo, I couldn't help but chat with Darren about getting the same for us. The results really speak for themselves, and my only regret is I don't get one of my own.

Now, all this costs money, obviously, but with a little help from players, particularly Leigh G who threw cash into the trophies whenever he could, and some support from the store I couldn't be happier to have dropped over $300 of my own cash on these beauties. Having spent almost that again on last year already, sure it's a bit hefty, but I do love this game, I do love this community, and my service is it's own reward.

In the words of a great man, "This one's on me."

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