Monday, February 14, 2011

Malicious Base Corrupting Dystopia!

Thank fuck for days off. I don't remember the last time I got so much done, although it's not a lot to look at.

Almost destroyed by a water incident last night, the Morrowguard display is now assembled and base coated. With a quick trip to Mitre10 on the way home from various nefarious Valentines skullduggery, I ended up with a lighter shade of brown than I'd intended - but who can say no to half price tins of paint? Before base coating I added some further detail in the form of random bits and twigs, so I think it'll look quite neat when done.

Next up, mostly thanks to a quietish weekend, the omni jack known as Malice/Corruptor/Slayer is coming along, and I'm itchin' to use both. I had a small 25 pointer against newcomer Marc at Infinity on tuesday, and I almost smooshed Deneghra with a Malice Possessed Nightmare. Holding onto the soul token all game kinda sucked, but when its Cryx v Cryx, what can ya do?

Last, but far from least, I started painting my first Dystopian Wars vessel last night, the Prussian Battleship SMS Ludwig Van (note: turrets missing awaiting magnets). These little ships have so much detail it's amazing, I want more already. I think the pride of my fleet will be my Imperium class Sky Fortress SMS Wagner, which I have thanks to a great xmas bundle from my roomie, and still need to add tiny loud speakers to.

Next I need magnets for hot swappable turrets, but tonight after some Fajitas we're gunna give that old Prussia v England rivalry wound up and I'll probably try to come up with inappropriate sea-man jokes.

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