Saturday, February 19, 2011

Morrowguard Mounting, Khador Culling!

Finally today, in between my computer dying and getting to bed late thanks to Choppers Big Fucken' Late Show at the Fringe festival, I finished the Morrowans' display base. With a whole tub of GW grass, four coats of snow in some places, and admittedly a few little details that could use some picking out with paint, it's a load off to get it done. For the last month the kitchen table has been a complete mess, and a lot of spare time I could have been painting has been wasted cleaning up glue and picking flock out of my fingernails.

So worth it, though.

After that, I needed to do a little shelf shuffling. The Morrowguard have taken the shelf below my Cryx in the main display area, flanked by a few of the books that inspired them. Said Cryx got a bit squeezed in, but more importantly I sold some of my Khador this week so I've stuck the Farrow on their spare shelf room, and packed what's goin in the mail monday.

Once all that was done it was time for a game on my only day off over a rather long stretch. Daniela and I were planning to goto Gamer's Guild today but a combination of her feeling ratshit and me getting little sleep instead saw us face off across the kitchen table. She borrowed my old eGoreshade Tier4 list, while I pulled out what I like to call my eDoomie 'om nom nom' list.

Army Name: 50 eDoom
50+6 points, 23 models

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia +6 points
* Dire Troll Mauler 9 points
* Earthborn Dire Troll 10 points
* Mulg the Ancient 12 points
* Troll Bouncer 5 points

6 Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes 4 points
* Stone Scribe Elder 1 point
Troll Whelps 2 points
Trollkin Champion Hero 3 points
5 Trollkin Champions 10 points

As monstrous (and awesome) as my 24 Bane Thralls looked across the table, some poor rolling let me manage to get a feat'd, Wild Aggressioned, Raged Earthborn Dire Troll trampling up to The Cursed. Two P+S 23 hits and it was all over. I hadn't used a Bouncer before, but at 5 points with Shield Guard I had a bit of fun with him, and the Whelps certainly earned a place in my paint queue.

Next on the work list is finishing my Dystopian Wars stuff, then onto Porkenstein and my as yet unnamed fourth War Hog, and after that some general cleanup - there's a few figures here and there that could use some paint to finish off their squad, and I'm really liking getting so many cohesive armies finished and on the shelf.

Lastly, I gotta update on FloodWar. The Adelaide event is a month off yet, but yet another state has pulled up better than the last - PG Norton's event in lovely BrisVegas raised
$1,330 this weekend! We're gunna have some big shoes to fill next month!

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