Friday, February 4, 2011

Fightin' the hate

I won't lie, this'll sound vaguely preachy and is mostly just to link to Zack Weiner's blog, but fuck I do like to see some haters get taught a lesson.

The TL:DR is an anti-gay group in the US took one of Zacks Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal webcomics and tried to present it as a laugh at the idea of homosexuality in the future. Well, they made the mistake of hotlinking the image, so Mr Weiner replaced it with something quite nice.

Here's a link. Enjoy.

The moral of this story is haters' gunna hate, but the internet is built on truth, love, and the occasional dick joke.

Fuck you haters, fuck you right in your deaf little ears.

Now, if Zack would only have replied to the awesome masturbation skit script I sent him for SMBC Theatre...

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