Monday, January 31, 2011

World of Two Dungeonscraft

While I've greatly enjoyed being back in the band, I've gotta say Bliz has really railroaded the casual players enjoyment a tad. 95% of the random dungeons I get into without a premade group are either Halls of Origination, or Grim Batol, and mostly the former.

If you play at odd hours, like most of us Aussies do compare to the rest of the world, it seems to be more likely to play with the lighter side of casuals. The problrm there is a lot of them, like I did myself, haven't researched the need to enter a dunfeon in person before you can get into it. This means that if 90 people are qued, and only ten of them have done their reading, you have a rather limited selection for the dungeon finder.

Don't get me wrong, Halls is great (apart from the trash once you hit the troggs), but not 5 times in a day, and the random heroics seem to be filled with Ragequitters, Elitist Jerks, and tanks that haven't read their strats because they're too busy in high demand.

Simple answer: Pre-mades. If only I got to play more at the same time as others. Half the nights everyones on I'm at work, and the other half is split between being at Daniela's or my place, painting, and for the last couple of weeks annoying headaches. Might be time to get a laptop, so D and I can group when physically together.

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