Sunday, February 6, 2011

Road to War voting

With the tournaments over and the blogging mostly done it's time for the community to vote on the Community Choice prize for the
Road to War.

Spanning three and a bit months, RtW was a community collection of Warmachine and Hordes blogs, hosted on WargamerAU and lead by Brad Visser, expat PG Doombreed now living abroad in the land of chocolate. Combining tactics, painting, army construction, and hobby work of all kinds Road to War was great fun, and mostly responsible for me getting off my ass and starting this blog.

So dear readers, hop on over if you care, take a look at the blogs nominated (including my own Morrowguard), and cast a vote in the mix. Each entry was nominated by a PG, I myself cast my vote for Stumphy's Circle Diary, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Arcanacon last month. I loved his work, especially those Bloodtrackers, and he deserved the nomination doubly so being a new player.

I'm not sure whats next for the WGAU creative warmachine community. Due to a massive bummer attack I got knocked back on my leave app for AUSCON, but it looks like between that and the new Oz Super Series there might be good opportunity for more road style blogging - for myself I think I'll start working on my beloved Cryx for my Easter trip to Conquest.

Mmm almost burrito time.

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