Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dystopian Wars & Base project cont.

I've spent most of the mornings this week getting paint on my Dys Wars naval group, and last night started on the bombers. The P3 Battledress Green really fits the Prussians beautifully, I'll have to get some better photos when I'm done as this iPhone isn't doing them justice. I started on the bombers last night (I'm thinking Hansel & Gretel?), and they're just as great as the naval stuff. I've also added some Tesla glow and P3 Brass Balls to the ships, having decided to go with using metallics.

The Morrowguard base project is around 50% done, with the sand patches now coloured for dirt, and the first layer now down on all the stone work. I'll get the stone highlighted and shaded tonight after work, and the tiled section in the back left, and then if I get time tomorrow I can start on the flocking. Estimated finish date is next wednesday, but things being what they are it might yet get pushed back.

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