Monday, February 7, 2011

A little character

I got a bit of painting done tonight post nacho cookin', and so my Cryx Helljack kit is coming along nicely. I'm really looking forward to fielding the Corruptor, but I think I'll give Malice a go first - that harpoon looks neat, and everyone loves a Soul Token. Here's the chassis progress.

I really enjoy doing Helljacks because I love painyting the icky green glow. With the Malice souls coming out the back I got to do a little extra, but I may have to go back over the bits in the arms and head griiling, I decided to armour wash the bronze and iron before putting down the brush and there was a little overflow.

I'm fairly happy with the green and the bone, but I think the metal areas, cabling, and obviously the rivets need attention yet. Once he's close to done I might pull out the old MKI book Escalation for the section on Cryx runes and give him some nice detail to rival my Seethers.

For now though, I have a very sooky kitteh to deal with - three hours she's waited for a cuddle, so a cuddle she will get!

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