Friday, March 11, 2011

T minus fuck all

Well, tomorrow is finally FloodWar Adelaide. With 14 for 40k, 12ish for L5R, 10ish for BloodBowl, 6 for Warmachine (I blame the other games stealing my mans, that'll teach me to expand charity events), and around 25ish expected for the SSF4 & MvC3 console tournaments, we're looking at 50+. Pardon me for saying, but FUCK YES.

I'm hesitant to predict the money we'll raise, but I'm fairly confident in the gamers of Adelaide. In the past for Breast Cancer Brawls we've seen individuals drop as much as $300 on the day, and this time we've got better prizes, a speed painting comp, and a raffle with hundreds of dollarinies worth of prizes. Latest on that list is a Dystopian Wars rulebook and starter fleet of choice from Spartan Games, which might yet be beaten in popularity only by The Bead Forest's donated jewellery.

It's going to be one hell of a long day, but I'm really dying to pull it all off. TO's seem organised, raffle prizes are all in my possession bar one, tables and terrain are getting dropped off tonight. My Prussian blimp is ready to be detailed, giving me something to distract my nervous hands during the day, and everything on my end is packed and ready to go bar the trophies that I'm picking up tonight.

Now, just gotta hope everyone shows up.

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