Sunday, March 13, 2011


With but one final event in Tassie to go, FloodWar had its total kicked up by $2,224.45 yesterday by the fantastic gamers of Adelaide. With almost half of the Warmachiners stolen by the inclusion of other games or just not present, we had around 14 for 40k, 8 for L5R and BloodBowl, 5 for Warmachine, and a whopping 22 for the console gaming. The total the FloodWar initiative has raised is now around $8,500, so here's to a job well done.

Once the names and numbers are in for the Tasmania event we can get to to epic fun part - giving back to the donators fror Warmachine and Hordes with a massive prize pool. Each entrant got a ticket for entry and one more per $10 spent on tokens, and we're raffling out two fantastic armies thanks to Privateer Press and Defiant Gaming, and a few other nice prizes thanks to supporters like Sam at Guts n Gears Podcast, the ever loved Au/Nz PG group known as The Antipodean Thralls, and everyones favourite new con in Brisbane AusCon.

Post event, despite a couple of small hiccups, I have to say I really enjoyed running the event and that it was the best charity event I've put my organiser hat on for yet. Later in the year I think we'll do similar for Breast Cancer Brawl, but we might take a look at the event rules and see if we can streamline a bit and encourage more tokens. I still haven't ever seen as many tokens purchased as at last years BCB, but even then Warmachine was way ahead of the others on individual donations (highest $185 in tokens for Warmachine, the highest from another game being $45).

I'm not quite sure why we got low numbers for a crowd known for it's generosity, but I must lay most of the 'blame' on other games being present. We lost 1 to BloodBowl, another 2 to 40k, and at least 3 possibly 4 to L5R. The no shows are the greater concern to me though, one rang in sick and another got lost in the maze that is the campus for a few hours, but with no word at all back from 3 or 4 more and none from the Southern/Gamers Guild crowd I think Warmachine could have done a lot better.

Actually, Warmachine did finish slightly early, so we got a round of Thunderdome (by the Lost Hemisphere boys) and one of the newer players put in a real good effort with a Cygnaran trio of doom. It was good to see running, but I think at least 2 of the 4 playing had had enough gaming by then, so the fun filled nonstop rushed nature of the scenario kinda got lost in a cloud of 'meh'. It did keep them busy for an hour though, making all the games finish around the same time.

So, anyone out there want to share any thoughts on the multi-system event for Breast Cancer Brawl?

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