Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rumours of my Death are greatly exaggerated

Just been sick.

Fresh import from Scotland, Kris, was a surprise this tuesday at random gaming night. With Trolls painted the right colour (people actually thought "Hey, is that Terry's Borka?", myself included) he put up a stoic defense, and smashed Deneghra's pretty little face all over the ground. The Bileforce wasn't a complete loss this week, however, managing to take down Nic's Trolls in an earlier game. How I managed two games with this stomach pain is beyond me, I barely remember coming home after.

Sunday was the engagement party of two dear friends, the Amazing Cheryl (as she was known at FloodWar) and the Passionate but Not Yelling Mitchell. At Greenhills Adventure Park fun was had, walls were climbed, karts were Go, and golf was mini'd. That's Garth eating my dust, and that's me fantasising about his mum.

On the paint desk I've put together and thrown a little colour on some Firestorm Armada terrain that looks like it'll be ok for Dystopian Wars, done the base colours, washes, and first rounds of fine detail on 3 more Prussian bombers, got most of my Sky Fortress done, and finally got my ass around to greensing up the gaps and extra details needed for my final two Warhog conversions. I probably won't make the next game night due to work, but I really want to try Arkadius with four of them soon.

Oh, and thanks to some free crack in the form of starter decks given to us at Armageddon Adelaide, I now have $150ish of Magic: The Gathering cards and Daniela has a new and interesting game to beat me at. Quite enjoying my Black/Vampire and Red/Burn (Foil Fire & Lightning with slight changes) decks.

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