Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Of Bacon and Transfers

Thanks to an annoying but non serious health issue I had the day off today. Not one to waste time I managed to watch a whole bunch of films, but more importantly painted to entire heavy Warbeasts for my Farrow army.

Say hello (or Oink?) to Porkenstein, and Warpig.

Not the best photos, but I'm fairly happy with the results. As Frankenbacon and Hog Breath before them they're heavily converted. Frankenbacon has a whole ton of menite warjack parts (I stopped short at using the chain weapons to not confuse rules with visuals), while Warpig (named for the Black Sabbath song) has merc gear, and some fuzzy hog hair in the form of painted static grass. I'd initially planned a bit more intricate a paint job on the latter, and both could use some minor detailing/base work, but I'm fairly happy with them as is.

I'm planning to finish my Bone Grinders asap, and then move on to Al Gore, my Gun Boar.

One of several films I watched today was Sink The Bismarck, a classic film about the infamous WWII German vessel. I had one of those awestruck moments we nerds get from time to time while watching a sequence about the loading of cannon on the HMS HOOD, and the scenes portraying the sinking of both vessels. Playing games really makes us disconnected from the reality sometimes, and where I might have been tempted to name a Prussian Dreadnought after Bismarck previously, I think I'll leave that well enough alone, and find something more light hearted. Don't read me wrong, it was a great film, but I'd rather play a game without thinking about the reality of war if possible.

Speaking of Prussia, my transfers from Dom's Decals arrived today so I set about marking my ships. Many hours and far too many tiny pieces of backing paper later, I'd marked my bombers, cruisers, battleship, and sky fortress. I painted the flag on the sky fortress upside down at first, but a quick bit of fixing has made it semi ok.

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