Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Gaspy got his groove back

Mitch decided to go with my Morrowguard for the lone game of the evening, so having been thinking about eAsphyxious for some time I brought him out for a little play. It turns out that not only did my Cankerworm want to Replicate a nice hammer from Ol' Rowdy, but Cryx can out-smoke Cygnar.

Pulling a nice trick I saw from the weekend, I kept my stuff nice and safe behind some well placed Caustic Mist, which unlike a Trencher Smoke Grenade does damage and can be placed in the most advantageous of positions easily. The real killer though was the dual Abomination of the Deathjack and Slaughterborn - one failed check and half my opponents army was wasted on feat turn, leaving me plenty of room to manoeuver eAsphy for a Spectral Legion. Thanks to a well placed Curse, two Banes took out eStryker and the field was mine.

Despite their thrashing, albeit at my own hands, the Morrowguard still need a shelf place to call their own, so while the guys went and watched some College Humour I went about prepping a project.

With the Chainguns up front on ground level, and eStryker up highest at level 4, I'm planning to make a nice display tray. I've got a lot of foam, a ton of flock, and pop sticks galore - so look out kitchen table, you're gettin messy! I'm gunna try to do it as clean as possible, don't get me wrong, but let's face it - I'm a messy guy, and the tables' likely to end up as colourful a battlefield as any good terrain piece.

Now, to find an autocomplete to tie into this so I never ever have to type links twice.

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