Thursday, April 7, 2011

The circuit, with a side of Bacon

So, I'm getting a bit all on board with this national tournament circuit thing. In two weeks I fly to Melbourne on easter for Conquest, a one day affair of Cryxian trouble before a nice weekend and a 5 star hotel with the GF.

Some thinking later, I've signed myself up for ConVic in July, again over in Vic, which looks to be a bit bigger an affair with two days of gaming including over 50 signups per day. I'll be getting eSkarre and a soon to be converted eAsphy in gear for the main even, and plan to bring my Mastercraft Warhogs along for a side event of Porktastic Proportions.

Army Name: 50 Arkadius Hogpocalypse TierA
Minion Theme Force
Theme Force: Mad Science Tier 4
50+6 points, 26 models

Dr. Arkadius +6 points
* Gun Boar 5 points
* 3x War Hog 7 points each
Rorsh 9 points
* Brine
* War Hog 7 points
6 Farrow Bone Grinders 3 points
10 Farrow Brigands 8 points
Farrow Razorback Crew 3 points

Thats Tier4 right there, for a +1 to start, re-deploy of a single model, and faster beasts on turn 1. I really struggled to alter the list a bit more, but at 50 points with the minimum 4 Warhogs (I couldn't leave one out!) it was a real PITA, and not worth dropping the theme list to go for the standard Thornfall Alliance.

Now as if that ain't enough, I've set my eye on hitting MOAB this year in October, and my heart's set itself on this notion of running a campaign weekend akin to the Snakebite guys of mother Brittain. I dunno where or what it'll be yet, but it sounded so fun I've gotta give it a go.

On the painting front I've set myself a bit of work for Conquest with all these bloody pirates. I took a look at my existing Revenant Crew and was cometely disgusted with them too, so I have to put paint to 2 Warwitches, 12 Revenants, 12 Ghost Raiders, a Scavenger, touch up and make a transport for Terminus, and there's still Darragh Wrathe to assemble. I've got to make some Flag and Objective tokens too, come to think of it - hence the parts above.

Yeesh! Why can't I ever just play with what I've got?

Also, Happy Birthday dad, you Old Bastard.

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