Monday, April 18, 2011

What, no pics?

While watching through a couple more discs of Battlestar with the GF last night (apparently, EVERYONEs a Cylon) I managed to get a nice bit of painting done.

Darragh Wraith is nearing completion, I've gone with the Thrall Flesh for him and the horse with flesh wash on both, and a little red wash near the eyes/mouth for that nasty, grotty zombie look. I've done some basic work on the armour and an armour wash with some highlights, his is Pig Iron while I went for a mix of that and Tin Bitz for the barding. His scythe is mostly metal with a few bone bits at current, I'm gunna try to add detail to it tonight.

Terminus I'm not so happy with - but I can't figure out what to do with him. I completely hate his cloth bits, and still can't figure out half of the detail around his exhaust pipes and under his chest. He'll hafta do as is, without stripping him completely and rebuilding from scratch he's just not gunna look better.

A Scavenger, 12 Ghost Raiders, and 2 minimum squads of Revenant Crew need a bit more detailing, and all need their arcs marked. I'm planning to cut out another foamcore template tonight as I've lost my old one, so check back for some shots of that with the next update.

Lastly theres the Deneghra stuff - a pair of Defilers that just look too damn dark, and two Warwitches that I had a lot of trouble making out the detail on. I think the former can be highlighted up, and maybe I can add some runes to their armour for a bit of detail, but the Warwitches I'm not sold on. I'll get everything else done first and then go back to them I think, they might take time to deal with.

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