Monday, January 30, 2012

Masters Day 2

Wow what a weekend! With over $1200 in prizes given away, 39 unique players at the two events, and near 40degree celsius temperature it was a big one! Above you can see the standings of the main Masters event, in order of placing with wins, SoS, CP, AP, caster kill time and faction. It was a heavy lean on Legion, Cryx, Circle and Khador this year as predicted, but every faction was represented.

Round five went off with a bang as several players misread or ignored key parts of the first scenario, Incoming! I got to play this one later in the day against the bye in round 4 of the Escalation side event, and boy it's a doozy. I don't have a photo on my phone of that round, but Michael Blyth and Ben French won their games and went ahead to the pictured final round six.

Adrian Stakula and Daniel Schmidt duked it out for third and fourth in a hectic game. Every time I looked at the table the shoe had switched feet, but in the end Menoth willed it harder than Everblight to get Staks third place, and Schmidt fourth. Each of the finalists got best in faction, so going the whole hog meant they walked away with a great prize.

The final round of the day was Diversion, with control zones and flags on opposite sides to normal thanks to an impatient Blythy, who was bouncing off the walls and ready to go 45 minutes before the round started. Unlike Round 5, Frenchy wasn't going to catch this opponent unaware of the perils of Dygmies, and it was a hard fought match. Again a scenario misread cost dearly though, French thinking the far zone had to be controlled rather than contested, and with a throw from Nightmare and careful attack vectors from other models Blythy was able to steal the second control point needed to win.

The Dygmies in this photo were the only thing not caught in Epic Deneghra's feat, but they were easy to deal with. Now champion of Arcanacon and Australian Master Michael Blyth, who it should be mentioned personally donated around $500 in prize support, awaits delivery of a well earnt Jackhammer. This is the second Championship title I've had the pleasure of handing to the man, so consider this a chllenge Mister Moorhouse - come to Adelaide in September and give him a run for his money!

Back to the star of this show, myself, I managed to get a pair of games with Kara Sloan friday during setup, and one more testerday afternoon against Justin Taylor - a blighted Journeyman of considerable painting talent. Honourable mentions go to Justins dad, who's name escapes me, for dashing home during Masters round 1 to grab a third warlock for his lad who'd come assuming a two list standard.

As you can see here, Justins army is simply amazing. We were given an extra set of painting trophies and it speaks highly of the youth in our scene when the day two best painted award went to someone too young to vote or drink (I believe he's 17?), but moreover he'd built a solid list, made some beautiful effort on character, and gave me a run for my money that had me gunning on the back foot with a low percentage shot at scenario victory that failed. Kara Sloan's remains were left in a puddle of Typhons unpleasant stonach acids, just in time for the award ceremony.

I'm having great deals of fun with my Cygnar, and managed to pick up a Triumph kit and the Cygnar army book to make my collection complete. The Trenchers are going strong, although I'm finding Commandos work better in a small flanking squad while I want a maxed outsquad of Trencher Infantry in my centre, and the Grenadier is proving a little expensive in a meta that's showing less and less infantry. The Cyclone was great fun, as was the Defender, but I'm also going off the Trencher Chaingun - not being able to do covering fire after moving is making them very hard to use.

Right, that's my weekend done, time to go watch Kate Beckinsale do her thing for Vampire and Corset justice everywhere!

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