Sunday, January 29, 2012

Masters Day 1

Yesterday was the Australian Masters, 4 rounds of 50pt action at Arcanacon in Melbourne. 38 brave men and women (soul tokens) stood proud in a fairly warm school deep in Collingwood to make the top four for the finals that will be held today. Here we see Melbourne Pressganger Morsla, aka Ben Leong finally getting to play after 8 years of running the show.

Some gorgeous models hit the tables in the hotly contested best painted contest, while others (includingly seemingly ALL the Ravagores in Australia) may have sported a tad more grey metal look just duking it out Page 5 style.

A slew of prizes will be given out in this afternoons prize ceremony, thanks to fantastic sponsors like Defiant Gaming, Michael Blyth, Realm of Legends, the Antipodean Thralls, and as always Privateer Press.

Michael Blyth with his Cryx, Adrian Stakula with Menoth, Ben French with Trollbloods, and scene newcomer Daniel Schmidt with Legion are already paired off respectively for Round 5 of Masters, and are ready to rock out.

The 100+ photos I took yesterday will have to wait until tomorrow or the day after as they're on a camera that's not attached to my phone, but lastly I can't help but mention our youngest player Jake, who fielded his Throne of Everblight in every match yesterday. At 1/5th his size, it's damn impressive, and fantastic to see.

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