Monday, January 16, 2012

End of the Iron Kingdoms

This weekend saw two huge days of Warmachine & Hordes action for Infinity Games in their new location, with 16 players for our 2v2 Team Mangled Metal tournament saturday, and 13 players for the campaign even I put about 30 hours work into. For 2012, the year of apocalypse and ruin, what better theme than the End of the Iron Kindgoms?

Here you can see me fending off the evil Mitchell Chapman, blighted leader of the Doomsayer team, against Kristian Rusu, Supreme Kommandant of the Survivalist team.

It got hairy, with Kristian a bit hung over and skipping his lunch break to manically study the Captain's briefing for his round 2 face off with 'Bitchell', but it was a great day. Special characters of my own devising joined most armies, special tables with one off scrnarios and reinforcements were enjoyed if a little over complicated, and in the end a ton of prizes were given out to the highest scorer of the day and no less than three random participants.

Round one saw Legion assaulting a Morrowan village that had it's defence bolstered by Trollkin (Arcane Shield champions, anyone?), while nearby a force of Khadorans defended refugees from an assaulting Menoth force trying to release souls into Menoths embrace.

The objective marker, a holy Morrowan statue, prevented the use of souls or corpses while it was standing, so legion soon felled it but the trollkin proved too resilient. On the next table over Kreoss' force tore the Old Witchs defense to shreds, the exemplar fierce in unwavering dedication to their cause.

Here we see the campaign map and an inage from the start of round two. Captains took turn placing men and women to the front for battles, while they themselves were to duke it out in the streets of Corvis where a Blighted Katchev (gifted to Everblight by Cryxian allies) joined Absylonia for a subterranian assault that only Kapitan Natalya Steppenov and Forward Kommander Sorscha had a chance of repelling.

This time legion proved superior, the toll of the morning (and night before) taken on the Survivalist captain. With a simple mistake the scenario ended, the Forward Kommander not forward enough (see Killbox). Other games boded ill for the Survivalists, and indeed Corvis seemed to be well under their control - in round one of games Vinter had personally executed his brother on the field of battle in these very streets!

Round three saw us well behind schedule - if I run a campaign event again, we will definitely be using timers. With a snap decision and both captains in agreement, players took once more to the field to play Killbox and give us a fast and final third round, where I'd planned for five. Many scenarios, characters, and campaign rules will sit in the cupboard until next time, but highlights included:

Vinter executing Leto in the streets of Corvis, earning the Doomsayers a Sword relic that ended up in the hands of an exemplar seneschal for the day.

Skulltaker, the infamous Seether, tearing Grom Angus' head from his shoulders in one hit.

Stargazer, the Defender from Clad in Iron, sending bonejacks flying with her Imprint: Slam.

Blighted Rorsch & Blighted Brine tearing men apart thanks to the freshly learned Parasite spell.

Ashlyn earning the power over flame for her team, after sending the Supreme Kommandant himself flying through a Wall of Fire with a mule.

Victory went to the Doomsayers in the end, with the forces of darkness triumphant over the goody little teo shoes Survivalists. Corvis was reclaimed by trollkin against an exemplar defence by the mystery man Menoth Shark picture above, while said trolls went undefeated all day, but the totals added up to a heavy swing for Doom, and the city was soo burned to ashes anyway (or packed up and taken home by yours truly)

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