Friday, May 20, 2011

Khador revisit and new Asphyxious

Surrounded by enemies on all sides, my new gorgeous winged Asphyxious finally saw the light of day at the Infinity Games gaming night this week, in my first game of the Money for Blood, and Blood for Money league I'm running. Strangely enough the day was not won by my dark lord, but with a system encouraging control points as well as caster kills for the league score, with playing being the primary point scorer and winning secondary like Shattered Grounds, even losing in a four way King of The Hill gave good points and was a blast.

With a 35 point Steamroller scheduled for May 29th I should be able to get a few more games in against any byes, letting me hit my cap of four per month and giving the flexibility to bring something else along next gaming night.

That's right, better red than dead! Note the price too, $AU85 was a steal, and it's fantastic to finally see prices match what our strong dollar shows. I've got nothing but warm thoughts for those at the recently trouble W&C, but it's nice to have stuff come in cheap enough to buy in store more often now alternate sources have been found. I'm not sure if I'll mod this one heavily or not, but I have an idea for the gunner.

What, theres no pretty dresses in Khador? Pssshaw!

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