Monday, May 9, 2011

More Converting

Because you just can't look awesome enough when you're an Iron Lich, I give you winged Asphy, complete with gear base!

And because such awesomeness deserves backup, I magnetted up another plastic jack kit for one of the two Slayers my boy will field at 50 points. I give you the Herald of Putridity!

What's that in the background? Well, in theory it's a Necrotech. I'll post better pics later, but I essentially rebuilt him from the chest down with the spare legs from a few of my Warhogs, a MOW:ST chest piece as a chair, and greens'd up a new belly for him. He's got a chainsword left hand for cuttin, and a MOW:ST hafted Vice Claw for grippin, and even a lantern on a boom to put a nice green glow in. He turned out to be a lil higher than I planned, but ah well.

Naturally no Necrotech leaves home without a Scrap Thrall, so heres four more with a few embellishments. Note the menoth head on the far right, I'm not sold on the angle - but I suppose it should look a little bodgy after all.

Last is a few more wreck markers, for the initial Tier4 Scavengers of the Line deployment. Note the Scrap Thrall hand poking out of one heap. PG Archipelago, aka Matt Aslin, shed a few tears over the wrecked Scavenger, but he died in service to his would be god (the Scavenger, not Matt, although he DID go down in our only matchup thus far).

It's all undercoated and just needs a final check. I want to start on the Satyxis ASAP, but I have a feeling my boy there might shirt front my inspiration when I bring him in tonight.

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