Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Slaughter Schools's First Outing

Unfortunately my phone died on me as I was saving the finished blog post last night, but I'll do my best to recreate in all it's glory.

After a particularly craptastic few weeks culminating in a funeral, I finly got the Satyxis on the table. Playing alongside Borka under partner Daniela/Nailyons control was a Mauler, Mulg, 2 Bouncers, max Champions, min Fennblades with UA, a Fellcaller, and minimum Krielstone with UA. on my team - all the hot bitches (apart from the one running the Trollbloods).

Army Name: 50 eSkarre Slaughter School
Theme Force: Merchants of Death Tier 4
50+6 points, 41 models

Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast +6 points
* Leviathan 9 points
* 2x Nightwretch 4 points each
* Reaper 7 points

10 Satyxis Blood Witches 6 points
* Satyxis Blood Hag 2 points
3x Satyxis Raider Captain 2 points each
10 Satyxis Raiders 8 points
* Satyxis Sea Witch
10 Satyxis Raiders 8 points
* Satyxis Sea Witch 2 points

As a Tier 4 theme force I was enthusiastic to add my 2" to deployment on such a fast army. Setting up for an early strike at both flanks to be followed by some nasty in the middle, the girls faced a slightly off centre brick with all of the beasts down one flank, and the light but possibly deadly Fennblades on the other.

Having gone first and pushed on both flanks, playing Killbox>, I threw Admonition on the Leviathan to give him some extra mobility while everything rushed forward. The Fennblades responded with a mini-feat No Quarter charge, cutting down a few Satyxis and engaging a couple more. The rest of the Trollbloods sauntered forward, with Borka hiding in a Wind Wall safe from the Leviathan. He was a little out on the edge though, so I resolved to try and get an early hit in my round 2.

Boy did a lot happen in Round 2. On the western flank the Satyxis ripped all but two of the Fennblades and their Drummer a new one, with a Nightwretch sneaking past the reach of the one remaining in the trench to take out the Officer with a boosted shot. In the centre the Blood Witches sliced the Champions to ribbons, Entropic Force from the Blood Hag preventing all those pesky Tough rolls, while Death Strike bounced some Stone Scribe enhanced strength POW hits from the dying Champions onto the Krielstone unit cleaning most of them out. The Leviathan and Reaper threw some extra hurt on Champions, finishing all but one off. With Blood Shadow popped the Witches became Incorporeal for the rest of the round, allowing some Power Swell charging Raiders close in from the east and rip down the last of the Krielstone Bearers. With no armour buff left the Mauler and Mulg took a ton of hits, and one lonely Raider on the fringe took a whip crack at Borka but missed. Skarre moved up a bit, and watched in horror as my lovely opponent responded in kind.

With Borka healing Mulg to functionality and putting his feat up, having thrown it's animus on Mulg the Mauler trampled straight across a whole mess of Satyxis. Mulg follow up with another trample at 90 degrees to the mauler, Snacking down three Raiders. Forcing for some extra swings he crushed the skull of a Raider Captain, and then in two blows including a crit slam sent the Reaper flying back into a trench, wrecked before it even hit the wall, leaving a wreck marker in eSkarres way. The Leviathan had escaped a similar punishment thanks to Admonition, but the Fell Caller charged and wrecked a Nightwretch on the west, and the Fennblades felled another Captain and almost took out the only UA to not yet use it's minifeat. One of the Bouncers crushed a Satyxis or two, while the other tore the Arc Node from
a Nightwretch with his shield.

Running low on heavy hitters, it was time for eSkarre to really get involved. A slam from her Leviathan sent Mulg flying down into the trench, giving her the perfect charge lane and a knocked down target to wail on. With sword, rack, and gunblade she ruined Mulgs day, leaving not even a tiny piece of him in the bottom of the trench. Popping her feat she locked the Mauler out of action and protected herself, the Leviathan, last Nightwretch, and one remaining Raider Captain, while her Satyxis swarmed the Mauler, tore the Fellcaller to ribbons, and sent the Fennblades to Dhunia. The Nightwretch happily walked out of melee with a Bouncer to take a shot at Borka but missed.

In her turn Daniela didn't have a lot left, but she managed to lock down eSkarre at the reach range of both Bouncers - moving toward either in my turn would give a free strike, and also crushed the skull of another Raider or two. Borka glared menacingly at the Nightwretch, protecting himself from further trouble with a Wind Wall.

With a surprising Throw, the Leviathan was Bumped back into the trench by a Bouncer Animus I'd missed but managed to free eSkarre to move. The Witches and Raider Captain fibished off the Mauler, but in a bone headed move I lost eSkarre to a Bouncer free strike - casting Admonition on herself before moving left her on two less focus, and the Bouncer managed to send her to the ground on exact numbers, leaving the School Mistress with a rather bad headache cursing her master's stupidity.

Wow, what a battle! Despite an army of infantry with POW8 to 10, the Satyxis theme really packs some damage. Those Power Swells, Entropic Force, and Death Strike really laid waste to my opponents core, and I didn't even get a good target for Black Spot or Blood Rain. I did forget to mention the single casting of Perdition in round 2 through an Arc Node, but it did miss and my Reaper whom I'd wanted the move for hit what he wanted anyway. Those Bouncers didnt seem to do a lot actively, but with Bump, reach, and 21 armour under the Stone's aura I think I can be forgiven allowing them to be a passive force.

Daniela did quite well, and I'm not sure where it'd have gone had I not fallen to the Free Strike, butwe both had a great time, and I'm loving the Merchants of Death theme force.

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