Sunday, April 15, 2012

Staying Objective

Today was the 50pt objective scenarios tournament at Infinity Games, we got a low turnout of nine including one late comer, but many blasts were had. I fielded my olall time love, Constance Blaize, with a secondary list of Kara Sloan that didn't end up hitting the table once.

Army Name: Morrowguard
Theme Force: Army of Light Tier 4
50+6 points, 41 models

Constance Blaize +6 points
* Defender 9 points
* Gallant 9 points
* Lancer 6 points

Journeyman Warcaster 3 points

Archduke Alain Runewood 3 points
Harlan Versh, Illuminated One 2 points
10 Precursor Knights 8 points
* Precursor Knight Officer & Standard
10 Precursor Knights 8 points
* Precursor Knight Officer & Standard 2 points
10 Sword Knights 6 points

Additional Rules

Harlan Versh gains Advance Deployment.
Precursor Knights and Sword Knights gain +2 SPD during your first turn.
Heavy warjacks in Blaize's battlegroup without ranged weapons gain Advance Move.

Round one was Mitch with Bethayne. I was pretty happy with the matchup, knowing half my army couldn't be targetted by spells, but Mitch drove a hard bargain knowing the right tricks for the situation. The scenario was Demolition, and he almost blew up the crate on me, but in the end Conny had too many tricks up her sleeve and got the win. Secondary scoring for the day was Destruction, so Army Points killed, and I bagged quite a few for my troubles.

Next was Neil, in the scenario named Destruction, with a fairly standard troll brick. I had a few lucky runs, but almost cost myself the match reminding him he'd not activated his Fellcaller Hero (which he couldn't see behind a building) who had a clear lane to charge Conny. Lucky for me it fluffed its damage rolls, giving me the chance to Shock Hammer it in the face and get Conny into melee.

She weathered a charge from Madrak, who also felt the hatred of the dice gods, and then went to town with Flanking on the trollkin chieftain. Game 2 was another win and a ton more Army Points, but the highlight was Conny catching Mulg in Flanking midgame and showing him that she's the one who hits harder than she looks.

Game 3 and Magnus the Warlord took to the field, with mercenary cutthroats, trollkin, and even an impostor Harlan Versh! I pushed hard early, knowing I'd be stuck in place for a round, and sure enough Aleks (of Hobby Matrix) lovked me down. Unfortunately for him I had a touch more shooting, and the Defender sealed the decision to keep it in the list, getting the first shot in on Magnus in a turn that would see him fall to Constance's Sunburst when he overstepped his comfort zone.

Aleks doesn't play at Infinity often, but I'd seen how much he'd been improving last time I caught him at Hobby Matrix. In my fear of his list I didn't do the little cleanup I could, and ended the round with just under half the potential Army Points. I was undefeated at the end of round three, but when I wrote the tournament schedule months ago I'd decided we'd do four rounds regardless of numbers - woe to me, for next the sight of the dragonfather were upon me.

Kris, our favourite mad scottsman, has recently picked up Cryx and has been fielding Skarre2 with great success. He's still finding his feet, and picking up models, but managed to ruin the face of half his opponents today - myself included.

Highlights were Runewood charging out of a forest to rip the Deathjack near in half, and Conny having Flanking on both Malice and Nightmare for 6 focus worth of her Flashing Blade, but alas with a push from a Deathripper the Queen of the Broken Coast sirfged forward like a Blackship in the night, and dashed my Conny down upon the rocks.

I ended the day 3-1, and in second place thanks to the scoring. It was a great day, and I'm really enjoying being able to compete more recently - to any PG out there running your show solo, I suggest getting a "PG Attachment" and sharing the workload. It keeps you fresh, keeps your mind in the game, and gives a nice break from constant demoing and teaching games.

Tomorrow night we record Episode 3 of Feat Turn, the Adelaide based battle report podcast. Heath "Kojiro" Eblen will guest star against Ross "Killbox" Baldock in a Stryker1 vs Krueger2 matchup of Cybertronian proportions. The marine here is Heath's, he's one of those old school gamers and is building a "Classic" Blood Angel Space Marine army at current and wanted a model painted by each of us for it. I had to go with an assault sergeant with an axe, I played the Sons of Sanguinius in my Workshop days too, and hope this one does him justice on and off the field.

Right, now, I think that Lancer can go, and we'll bring back the Journeymans Charger and add some Mechaniks...

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