Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quiet like a Colossal

It's been a madhouse here this month. We've seen the end of Gnarls, start of another Journeyman league, a 50pt Tournament this weekend gone, the launch of Battle Report podcast "Feat Turn" (also iTunes) featuring Ross and yours truly, and most important of all my lovely girls birthday.

Apparently it was this tortoise' birthday too.

We hit the Adelaide Zoo for a picnic last saturday, having had a family dinner the night before, and then popped over to the Garden Of Unearthly Delights for a few cocktails.

The "No Beer Bus".

Declining to play in a packed out room or nerds the next day, Nailyon opted out of the tournament and spent the day with Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes, comfy on the couch and guarded by the kitties.

Flanks for the Memories, loosely stolen from Templecon, was a 50pt 4 round tournament with casual limits, no character restrictions, and reinforcements every scenario. It seems to have gone down quite well, although we only got a showing of 11, and all reports are positive.

Next up is Stay Objective, another 50pter before we drop back to 35 for May. With objective based scenarios and Destruction scoring it should help teach the guys a little more, timing is baseline as are character restrictions.

Ross "Killbox" Baldock is gunna run this one, so I get to play! I'm gunna try Constance's Army of Light at tier 4 with two full squads of Precursors AND two ten man squads of Sword Knights alongside a Defender heavy Kara Sloan list. I won't give too much away, but with any luck I'll score myself a shiny coin.

More disturbing than Xerxis with a feather boa, Ross and I have finally gotten Feat Turn off the ground. Ep1 had Kris, who was let's say "interesting" to keep on track, his Trolls taking on Killbox's Khador in a match that felt like a real endurance battle.

Next we're hoping to have GuppyShark on with his Crusaders of Sul list taking on my Morrowguard. He's made a real go of diving back into Warmachine this past year and a bit, like several of our veterans, so considering I live at his place he was a great choice to grab. Both our armies are Theme forces from a time before theme force rules, so the pictures should be as awesome as the big God-off.

Feat Turn is also on facebook, and on twitter @featturn. We'd love some reviews on the iTunes store, stay tuned for the next episode!

Happy birthday honey.

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