Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hobby, Hobby, Hobby

I might not get to play an awful lot, but lately I've gotten a fair bit of hobbying done. This weekend we have our Wrathination event at Infinity Games (the store) for Warmachine, and the weekend after that it's off to Melbourne for the Taking of Paradiso for Infinity (the game). Let's take a look at my prep.

First up my Aleph are coming along and starting to look how I want, but I still can't play worth a damn. I'm really hoping Paradiso is a planet where they hand out wooden spoons, but this trip is far less about competition and more about dipping the toes in a cool fresh pond, while catching some people I haven't seen for ages and seeing how things are done on and off tables in a different game.

My extreme Rök conversion is coming along, although I probably should have stripped him first. I think he needs more hair and detail, although I've added the all important beer - perhaps a dead Khadoran on his base? Speaking of Khadorans, I'm thinking of fielding the reds on sunday at Wrathination (I get to play!), so Nailyon is considering borrowing my blue skins and Rök might hit the table already.

For a few weeks my Plasma Ball Storm Strider has been on hold waiting for more appropriate sized hardware, and yesterday it arrived. Rök got stuck on a shelf and a different set of tools came out for this one, although I'm having trouble deciding how go about the wiring.

Last, but far from least, Feat Turn continues with only the occasional minor hiccup, and frequent coatse language. Ep3 ended up being Heath vs myself, so I brought my personal lord and saviour Asphyxious out for a spin. I won't spoil the podcast by giving away the result, but I'm looking forward to taking the host role for episode four and keeping discussions a tad more on track.

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