Monday, February 13, 2012

The Matrix

Sunday was the 25pt Tournament at The Hobby Matrix. I took Kara Sloan and Major Haley, and came third from the bottom in a 15player slugfest.

First game was against Jason Ly and his Cryx. We were both a bit nervous despite the simple scenario of Close Quarters and casual time limits - Jason having gone 0-3 last time he competed, and me on my first competitive outing with Haley2. I chose the list based on the scenario and the fact my opponent would have 'jacks to screw with via the delicious spells.

Army Name: 25 Haley2: The Sequelinator
25+5 points, 17 models

Major Victoria Haley +5 points
* Ironclad 7 points
* Thorn 8 points
* Squire 2 points

Archduke Alain Runewood 3 points
10 Precursor Knights 8 points
* Precursor Knight Officer & Standard 2 points

The Ironclad was Haleys bond, while she was Nightmares prey, but it ended up being Deneghra1 that got me. I forgot the bond I had on my Ironclad gave me +2" movement, and further left Haley too close. I'd brought her forward to TK the Ironclad closer to Denny, who herself had been TK'd through Thorn to present her backside to the charging Ironclad. I failed the Charge at 9" on an 8.5" threat range, remembering later thanks to the bond it should have been 10.5" and a success with 3 focus to mash tge evil tein with - c'est la vie!

Round two started after lunch, during which hungover Scottsman Kris fought valiantly with not one, not two, but three wasps before failing his command and retreating. This time I matched up against Kristian Zi... Ze.. Kristian Z. I won't past me list again as I did last post, but I ended losing on scenario after fluffing the assassination roll on feat turn with two 1's and a 2, and forgetting that I could have prolonged the game by blowing up his objective and stopping him scoring in Scenario #5: Supply & Demand.

I'd also spent the game thinking Lylyth1 had Stealth. Forcing me to keep Kara back to aim and ignore it and failing to fet CP's. Uhhh, what's that I always say about reading your opponents cards again?

Round 3 was my only win of the day against circle player Mark, who thankfully didn't flip the table when my Charger came on as reinforcements and toasted him. Sure, the StormSmith had rolled a POW18 hit on Kaya after Haley2 TK'd the warlock to present her butt to my army, and a Time Bomb had dropped her def by a further 2 to ensure the 4 point reinforcer of choice flanked his way on, but it still felt very rough to catch her on but two fury and get the dual-cannon's shots on her after they'd been used to transfer. Twas a dirty, dirty kill, and not one I'm particularly proud of.

Last round was against Tim's Retribution and Garryth. He split his forces in the Bunkers scenario early, which I'd again chosen Haley2 for. I kept mine center and right, my Ironclad, Thorn, and the reinforcement Charger decimating a squad of Halberdiers while Haley Time Bomb'd the daylights out of Invictors and Ghost Snipers, but my Precursors just couldn't clear the Chimera after the fire they'd taken, and my opponents reinforcements took two CP to win the match without him even realising.

I'd have had two CP myself If the Ironclad hadn't fluffed two hit rolls on the Phoenix in the zone I was attacking, or if I'd thought to throw it out rather than just attack it - again a heavy screnario learning experience for me.

Making up for missing Masters due to running it in January, February is continuing to prove it's not actually out to get me with not only an awesome league but ANOTHER TOURNAMENT! In two weeks time, after a bit of regrouping, pep talk, and some fresh coal & whiskey, Kara and Victoria will hit the ground again with 35pt armies in Do You Know What Nemesis Means?, the next tournament at Infinity Games. My latest young apprentice, The Boldcock, is running this one on the 26th of February giving me a second shot at spectacular failure.

Will upgrading to a Stormclad and adding some Stormblades and Arlan help Haley? Can Kara run a third heavy with just 10 more points, or should I go for a bigger Trencher screen? Is Nics mum really going to show up with a special yet dubious 'award' for the man who Warmachines the hardest?

Only time will tell!

Location:Frome Rd,Adelaide,Australia

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