Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Circle of Journeyman

This last month saw the end of the Infinity Games Journeyman league, and the start of The Hobby Matrixs league. The blessing of two stores and two leagues means still earning those patches while getting to play something different. I'd had my partner, Nailyon's, circle sitting at my place for some time, so I thought it was time to slap some paint on Kromac and eat some hearts. Tuesday night is random gaming night at Infinity, so I warmed up with this list. I had to proxy a couple of figures, as the photos will show (one Whitemane in first game, two Tharn in the second)

Army Name: 35 Kromac Eat Your Heart Out
Circle Orboros
Theme Force: Heart Eaters Tier 4
35+4 points, 17 models

Kromac the Ravenous +4 points
* Gorax 4 points
* Warpwolf Stalker 10 points

Lord of the Feast 4 points
2x Tharn Ravager White Mane 3 points each
4 Tharn Ravagers 6 points
6 Tharn Ravagers 9 points
* Tharn Ravager Chieftain

I got two games in before switching to a pre arranged Dystopian Wars game. The first was against Khador, my old buddy Kristian (the most enthusiastic man you'll ever meet) did great against my list (which had a third Whitemane instead of extra Tharn in the chief's unit). Despite early heavy losses of his IFP to the non chieftained unit, Irusk1's troops turned the tide and gave my boy a fair whalloping, my erstwhile opponent completely tabling me.

The second game was against Shaun and Siege. Shaun's one of our newer players, joining up around six months ago. His boy, Harry, had done us all proud coming 5th in the Infinity league, but unfortunately his old man went down against the Ravager army. Highlights included a Ground Pounder/Arcane Tempest against the pictured Tharn swarm on Siege's feat turn, after I foolishly clumped them up to take down a Stormclad. In the end the Stalker got up and Trampled across the gun mages with the Goraxs Primal animus on it and chopped Siege in two with a Berserk hit and a purchased attack, nabbing the win.

Tonight I'm heading to Hobby Matrix, so here's the list.

Army Name: 25 Kromac JM
Circle Orboros
Theme Force: Heart Eaters Tier 2
25+4 points, 13 models

Kromac the Ravenous +4 points
* 2x Argus 4 points each
* Feral Warpwolf 9 points

4 Tharn Ravagers 6 points
* Tharn Ravager Chieftain
4 Tharn Ravagers 6 points

Ignore the Whitemanes and LOTF in
The pic above.

Obviously I've got a bit of painting to go, but I'm really happy with how Kromac turned out, so after some fun games tonight I'll head home, throw a movie or two on, and see if I can't at least get one unit finished. I'm loving Kromac's theme, although I don't expect it to do as well with the Circle BB tonight. My rollings been particularly abysmal lately, but Wild Aggression, Heart Tokens, and the ravenous one's feat should help make up for that.

Either way, feels good to Play like I've Got A Pair.

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