Friday, November 11, 2011


In many forms, I've always been the creative type. Starting back as early as my first decade I was painting models, but todays imminent posting of my latest work on Lost Hemisphere has me very nervous, and thus I'm comforting myself with a stroll through the past.

Part of my first real foray onto the internet was with Baldur's Gate. Still one of the best RPG series of alltime, I loved the Infinity Engine games, and ran a small website hosted on (and eventually deleted without warning by, insert long standing grudge) Gamespy. House Atreus was dedicated to portraits, voicepacks, strats, and scripts, the only legacy remaining a single voicepack on Fileplanet.

The community I was first really an engaged part of was the online Spelljammer community, now carefully cached at Beyond The Moons. I wrote a metric fuck ton for my campaign setting, Star of Enerithon, including character prose, mass plotlines, and even worked on some 3d art. Not a lot of it made it online to my webpage House Enildarion, but between that and BtM I still get a good nostalgic surf every few years.

My boy Korgesh here, named for one of the main Enerithon villains, became a focus for many years when World of Warcraft came out, but even there the muscles flexed. I made a few boss fight videos in my raiding days, including a Kael'Thas kill vid with a voiced in character intro by Korgesh still possibly available. Most of my work on videos was fairly standard, and again not all of it made it to the intertubes, but I have a dvd of a score or so videos I pop out occasionally and watch, glass of Jack in hand.

The less said about Korgesh and Demron's RP days on feathermoon the better ;)

The last big creative project was The Morrowguard. I began work on them around a year ago, after a long desire to paint Precursors, and it was my first in depth creative strike upon the world of Warmachine. I'd been a PG for 5 years at the time, and I'd painted nearly every army in existence, but this was my showcase army, and has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for Cygnar overall. I'll be fielding elements of the Morrowguard this weekend at our Longest Night event, so maybe it's fitting that I should start on some fiction for them now that Clad in Iron is about to hit the public?

Time will tell, first I have to finish Seething with Rage, then Unstable Cortex, and there's still A Faithful Reckoning and Clad's followup to write.

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