Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm on my way out to Fairview park this evening for Hobby Matrix's first night of Journeyman tonight. I've decided to go with Circle, because I know I won't get out there much to play, but I have a ton of Daniela's bare metal models at my place to paint up. In particular, I want to work on the following list, of which only the Stalker & Weavers are painted.

Army Name: 50 Kromac TierA
Circle Orboros
Theme Force: Heart Eaters Tier 4
50+4 points, 30 models

Kromac the Ravenous +4 points
* Argus 4 points
* Gorax 4 points
* Warpwolf Stalker 10 points

Lord of the Feast 4 points
6 Tharn Bloodtrackers 5 points
* Nuala The Huntress 2 points
Tharn Bloodweavers 5 points
2x Tharn Ravager White Mane 3 points each
4 Tharn Ravagers 6 points
* Tharn Ravager Chieftain
4 Tharn Ravagers 6 points
* Tharn Ravager Chieftain 2 points

It's Tier 4, giving me a Stealthed battlegroup first round, and Advance Move on one warbeast. I had the pleasure of facing a Trampling Stalker with an Argus' Animus on it this week, with that and Berserk it made a mess of some of the Morrowguard, so this will give me a good project for a bit. I'll get a bunch of Hobby Points, a nice heavy infantry theme list, and a ton of fun painting the autumn style Circle I can picture in my head. After Kromac I want to hit Cassius, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Infinity Games' Journeyman league is in week 5, and as you can see Connie got out for some fun. I'm currently in the lead on 45 Game Points + 14 Hobby Points, winning the former thus far but too far behind on the latter to catch Ross on 19 points without literally buying models to paint.

It's been fantastic, and I've really enjoyed the push it's given me to paint. Here you can see the latest additions, Sword Knights for the Morrowguard, my Runewood, and another Gallant inspired conversion - Itkovian. I gotta say, the new plastic light jacks are huge, he really dwarfs my old Charger, but considering he's taken down a handful of beasts already, I think he deserves that fourth Gallant kit I purchased. Itkovian was the Grey Swords' Shield Anvil in Memories of Ice, the fourth (?) Malazan novel, and this guy has taken it on the chin a bit like his namesake, but done well enough in his own right.

Lastly, I got my second game of Unbound in last week against our mad Scottsman, Kris. All looks shiny and rosy above, but unfortunately every plan failed me as every dice roll went the wrong way, from fleeing Trenchers, to Overtake Stryker2 completely fluffing his assassination run on Barnabas. Conny I lost being too ballsy early on, and not only did Mulg Crit:Slam the Centurion into Gallant on top of a Stormsmith finishing the three of them off, he later used a similarly propelled Haley1 to get Runewood, massacreing the remnants of my command as my last warcaster fell. I tell you, I love Unbound, but so far the game has taken a sharp nasty turn the minute a Warlock or Warcaster is down, I hope it's not going to be a continuing trend.

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