Monday, September 19, 2011

Hobby Matrix 25pts

This weekend was my young PG apprentice Nic's first tournament, which turned out to be a great showing. The Hobby Matrix is relatively new to Warmachine, but they had six locals and four of us interlopers from the long standing home of Warmachine & Hordes in Adelaide, Infinity Games.

The veterans, myself included, ended up taking the top three spots, but far more importantly we had a ton of fun games, and the newer crowd learnt a few tricks.

Here's my list.

Army Name: 25 Conny
25+6 points, 25 models

Constance Blaize +6 points
* Gallant 9 points

Harlan Versh, Illuminated One 2 points
10 Precursor Knights 8 points
* Precursor Knight Officer & Standard 2 points
Trencher Chain Gun Crew 2 points
Trencher Chain Gun Crew 2 points
6 Trenchers 6 points

Check our that dice roll! Against one of the newest of the new, a Precursor got an incredibly brutal charge in Morrows Name on Stryker1 and ended his life with no less than 3 sixes and 1 five on the damage roll. We had a great game, I taught my opponent a few things, and was incredibly impressed with his skill, doubly so when he later revealed it was his first game ever. You wouldn't have known, I expect this bloke (whose name escapes me, I'm going to have to go back to keeping a log) to fight fierce in coming weeks.

Next up was Aleks, with a Mangler heavy Magnus1 list. Unfortunately he'd purchased out of store and been sent the wrong thing (like everyone I've known to do so recently) - most people would love a free heavy for a light cost, but when it's Magnus and that light was a Renegade, not so much.

This bloke managed to leave Constance on 6 hit points on her feat turn while she was at ARM25, and would have got her had he gone for her first and her infantry later. I'd have suggested that but I didn't realise he was going for her until halfway through his turn when she took the (lone) Renegade rocket to the face.

A spray from Magnus and even an Arcane Bolt almost finished her off, but unfortunately it wasn't to be, and with Gallant Trampling up over my own Harlan Versh and denting The Traitor a bit, Constance herself brought the man down thanks to Flank and 11 focus worth of swings. Any opponent that leaves me on 6 health while I have ARM25 is worth respect, I'm hoping to get another game against Aleks soon.

Inevitably I had to face her, and Daniela was as unmerciless as I as Shae came to the table. Despite a feat turn and some lucky shots from Harlan Versh I just couldn't blow the man down, and here you can see what happens when a Precursor Knight is slammed by a cannomball into a warcaster, and there's a Freebooter in charge range. I probably should have taken her more west and used Sunburst to clear the models she moved up to kill, so this time it was me doing the learning, and Daniela went on to face Kris for the last match.

My last match up was Ben (I think? Names, argh!) and Khador. With a list only containing Sorscha1, a Wardog, Behemoth, Beast 09, Manhuntress and a Mortar, he did an incredible amount of damage to me. Unpictured is the remnants of my army, a mere handful of Precursors, but I taught my opponent a valuable lesson about keeping that extra 2 focus to Wind Rush away after popping his feat.

Constance finished Sorscha off again thanks to Flank and a ton of focus, but it was a close thing and I only just managed to her the War Dog out of the way to lower his melee DEF, even with Flank Constance needed 7's to hit so it was a very focus hungry strike, one miss and it would have been curtains for me next round.

At the end of the day a rather hungover Scottsman, Kris, won the day, and fun was had by all. I'm hopeful that with the Breast Cancer Brawl this year at 35pts we'll see some of these guys in the city, it's fantastic to play some new people and the BCB is always a fantastically fun event with prizes all over the place, and being for charity never hurts either ;)

I almost forgot - Daniela came second, and I got third! I gave her my winnings voucher for paint, and we spent the evening painting in the loungeroom

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