Saturday, July 9, 2011

Post ConVic

What a weekend that was! With Heath (Kojiro), Kris (the Mad Scott), and Nic (Butler) I travelled across to Melbourne for the first ever Warmachine & Hordes tournament at ConVic, a traditionally Fantasy Battle event. Mike Crossman (Mikecro), Joel Dodd (Necra-Chi), and Ed Brgoc (Badvolk) put on a fantastic fun event that was choccas with games, prizes, and people.

With some gorgeous trophies up for grabs, along with a ton of unpictured stuff including 2 25pt armies, best in faction trophies, and a Warjack box for each of the top 8, I was glad to see painting well represented with best painted army, solo, and warcaster, and a special prize taken by Terry Mo (T.Mo, who I had a great game against) for best flag/objective marker.

I did fairly poorly myself, my Machines of Hate taking the field 3 times while the Seething Thrax saw play but once. My Asphyxious matches were tight, and I had a great time, but Venethrax got hosed by legion when I overestimated his survivability against Bethayne.

I think my favourite match was against T.Mo and his gorgeous menites on the very same table I'd played Daniela & Dodgy on last year at Nationals in Brisbane. Mr Mo put up a real solid list, and Borka almost got him on scenario after single trollishly taking out the Avatar, but it wasn't to be, as Terry reminded me which of us is the real IK Terry, and taught me about a spell called Awareness when I risked not using Wind Wall.

The real winners were everyone who went though, as it was quite simply an incredible weekend. From the lads playing some dice game post round 4 saturday night to my own impromptu game against a new personal hero of mine Ed Brgoc, I can't speak more highly of the weekend. There were no dramas, grins everywhere, and a great number of us out in force - Arcanacon's now got a real competitor in my eyes for the top event, and I look forward to seeing how the age old institution at Collingwood goes with ConVic sure to shine again next year.

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