Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Game Night

Game night was great last night, once again we got a few new faces but I also ran into one of the guys from our far south group, Yeuw, and found out the store down there's no longer doing Warmachine/Hordes. It's a pity, they had a great group of guys very keen to play, hopefully we can get some of them on the tables in the city.

I had a lot of fun with Constance last night (pictured here in Mitchells second copy of Wrath with a secret identifier). In my first game I took on our Scottish import, Kris, and managed to Rowdy his vicious Barnabus right on it's bloody nose. He did a bit of damage, some nasty Wrastler hurling, but his feat turn just didn't cost me enough and left him close enough I was able to Sunburst and shank some stuff out of Ol Rowdy's way thanks to my own feat, and then send him rocketing in to nail the game. It's my first victory against Kris, he plays a LOT of Vassal and really knows his shit, I was quite glad to get him.

Game 2 for Ms Blaize was against newbie Marty's Trollbloods & pMadrak. He's had a lot of poor luck, but i'd not given him a game yet so I brought the same list to a terrain heavy mirrored fort table, and gave it a go. I did some early damage to his Champions (one unit of which was mine I'd given him), taking out the skulking Impaler, and blowing an Axer to shreds with some CRA's and Harlan Versh, but my Precursors failed to take down his Earthborn on their minifeat turn, and I saw a good trample hole he could make, so I taught him the finer points of Madraks ranged awesomeness, killing the Journeyman next to Blaize and leaving room for a trampling, feat'd Earthborn to get up in her face. It turns out Snacking Removes From Play, so my feat didn't help and Morrows light welcome her for Martys first ever win.

One game taking down a local heavyweight, and one coaching a new player to his first win. You can't have a better night than that, especially when the GF stays all night just to hang out and come home with ya.

Game night has been very awesome, it's great to see so many games and have a regular meet again. It's got people spending more in store too, and actively practicing scenarios in prep for tournaments. More than anything though is the camaraderie and community spirit, I urge everyone to come along, or start your own.

And always, Play Like You've Got A Pair.


  1. Blaize looks to be an interesting character, and from what I have heard doesn't really play as one would think from the heavy armor, so that could be an interesting change. I am tempted to play her with the merc listing to see how she does.

    Overall my menoth list hasn't really changed since the release of Wrath. I am still using tier 4 Reznik theme for my 25 and 35 point forces, and their still rocking socks.

  2. Aye I must admit, the book as a whole doesn't feel a lot like additions, more like alternatives?