Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Leaving School

With a week and a half til my young apprentice Nic and I hop in a car and head to ConVic, I've dropped my Slaughter School list from my plans. I thought I'd have enough time to paint it across June, but between a death in the famil and a ton of other stuff it's just not happening, so Venethrax and his cloudy shennanigans are taking her place.

Here's my two lists.

Army Name: 50 Asphyxious Machines Of Hate
Theme Force: Scavengers of the Line Tier 4
50+6 points, 50 models
Iron Lich Asphyxious +6 points
* Cankerworm 5 points
* Corruptor 7 points
* Defiler 5 points
* 2x Slayer 5 points each
* Skarlock Thrall 2 points
10 Bane Thralls 8 points
* Bane Thrall Officer & Standard 3 points
Machine Wraith 1 point
10 Mechanithralls 5 points
10 Mechanithralls 5 points
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls 2 points
3x Necrotech 1 point each
3 Scrap Thralls

Cheap Corruptors & Slayers, AD Mechanithralls, a Wreck Marker for each jack 20" in, and +2 Spd to Warjacks 1st turn.

Army Name: 50 Seething Thrax
Theme Force: The Dragon Slayers Tier 4
50+6 points, 40 models
Lich Lord Venethrax +6 points
* Reaper 7 points
* 2x Seether 8 points each
* 2x Stalker 4 points each
6 Bloodgorgers 5 points
General Gerlak Slaughterborn 3 points
10 Mechanithralls 5 points
* 1 Brute Thrall 1 point
10 Mechanithralls 5 points
* 1 Brute Thrall 1 point
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls 2 points
Pistol Wraith 3 points

Cheap Seethers, AD Trolls, AM Seethers, and a 3" cloud 20" per unit.

I'm gunna make it super easy on myself and throw Asphy at Warmachine armies and Venny at Hordes armies, along with taking along a T4 eGoreshade 'Host of Tartarus' list incase I get to and decide to play in finals.

I'm expecting a hard field, but also want to kick back and just have some fun, so I'll probably forfeit a finals spot (16 spots actually makes it likely) to play in the 35pt event on day 2, and bust out some Trollbloods. I'd planned to take the Farrow, but the more I look at them the more bland they are, I think they might stay shelved for a while yet.

Army Name: 35 Borka
35+5 points, 24 models
Borka Kegslayer +5 points
* Pyg Keg Carrier
* Mulg the Ancient 12 points
* Troll Axer 6 points
* Troll Bouncer 5 points
Janissa Stonetide 3 points
Lanyssa Ryssyl 2 points
Troll Whelps 2 points
10 Trollkin Fennblades 8 points
* Fennblade Officer & Drummer 2 points

Army Name: 35 eMadrak
35+5 points, 20 models
Madrak Ironhide, World Ender +5 points
* Dire Troll Mauler 9 points
* Troll Axer 6 points
Fell Caller Hero 3 points
Horthol, Long Rider Hero 5 points
10 Trollkin Fennblades 8 points
* Fennblade Officer & Drummer 2 points
3 Trollkin Long Riders 7 points

It actually looks a little competituve, so we'll see how I go. I really think I should drop that Bouncer for Dannon Blythe & Bull, but I can't find their damn card. Borka has Wind Wall, so I just don't see Shield Guard as that much use, but I do love the look on the Bouncer - decisions decisions.

I had a 50pt against Daniela the other day, and Janissa got a Rage & Blood Fury, Armour Piercing charge on Megalith and ripped him almost off the board, I want to see if I can use her more aggresively than I've seen others do.

Also it was my birthday, and one cake was not enough.

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