Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Last weekend saw me swap tournament running schedules with Ross to throw down in Stay On Target, 35pts of action at Infinity. In true faction ADD fashion I took my Khador down, having splurged on Conquest during the week.

I put some extra details on her, a few Drago/Berserker spikes, and magnetted her with 20 large disc magnets and 6 small discs for ease of transport. This model was MADE for magnets I swear, and was as much a treat to assemble as she was to play and paint.

Round 1 was vs Circle so I took Karchev, 3 Berserkers, a Bokur, and the BadWolf. Turns out Gnarlhorns have this thing called Counterslam, screwing up my feat turn Berserker launching, and the big girl only got two shots off. One missed wildly, but the other cleared a hole in some druids leaving me a good spot to trample Karchev to. Pity he left Kaya2 on 1 hit point...

Game two and I drew Skorne. Strakhov was definitely a good choice for the Colossal, so with a 13" charge between feat & superiority I beat a bronzeback to a pulp and almost wiped out a gladiator. In the end the Conquest went down to the Titan, thanks to a sneaky Agoniser preventin all my focus allocation, but I got Hexeris2 thanks to some nice Riot Gun shooting and a boosted Battering Ram. Remember, POW12's kill casters dead!

Round three and I got to fight Bohdi withhis Madhammer list. A spectacular "why the hell not" shot at a Gun Bunny had me elated with a critical devastation, sending the light jack flying into it's companion, two Kayazy flying in a heap, and Gorman Di Squished into the dead pile with a Steelhead. Bohdi threw a ton of damage out, but came just a tad close to Conquest, and she happily stomped the dwarf into the dirt.

Round 4 was against Nathan running Stryker2's theme list. My Great Bears got his Storm Lancers, after I baited him with Rifle Corp, and BadWolf got to finally sweep an arm through a group of Stormblades post his feat, then finishing off a pair of StormClads next turn, but in the end she went down once more, and Strakhov just couldnt put Stryker into the dirt, biting it hard himself.

The day went to Kris, our import Scotsman that may soon be leaving us. Seen here he holds a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic toy, Pinkie Pie, given by my partner Daniela/@Nailyon_3. Last year Kris won the sportsman award at championships, but gave the prize (a similar but different Pinkie Pie toy) to Daniela when she passed her Finals spot to him to play in the side event. He'll be well missed if he goes, he's a great bloke anda fantastic player.

This is what you're here for though, right? BadWolf, named after my favouritest Dr Who companion/ladette Billie Piper, has a spectacular gap between her teeth and has been an utter joy to paint. I multi coated, I glazed, I highlighted, I washed, I freehanded, and did everything on this girl short of replicating the KMA logo from the Khador book on her. She's been every bit worth her $140 price tag, and I still have work to do.

'cuz in less than two weeks she gets checked as luggage for GenCon!

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