Thursday, August 25, 2011

Adelaide Championships, more events!

Last weekend the Adelaide Championships went off like Hoff, and it was on like Megatron! 22 locals planted their butts and bases and fought it out for a ton of prizes, after having gotten an even larger amount in their player packs, and I hosted my best Warmachine & Hordes weekend to date.

Faces old and new riddle the 80+ photos I took across the two days, including two interstaters, one of whom walked away with the title. Beware Michael Blyth, vengeance will be ours if I can make it to Arcanacon 2012, Great Bears or not!

The side event on the sunday gave me a chance to test some of the Iron Arena style tables I've been planning for my campaign day, the End of the Iron Kingdoms. I've been running scenario and/or table special rules every now and then for years to great enjoyment of my players, this weekends test included a sea battle with converted Uncharted Seas vessels, a four player King of the Hill table, some opposed Grind Jacks on a table with a Grinder, and Vinter Raelthorne himself in the desert akin to the start of Wrath. Al were good fun, so I'm working where I can on planning the event, but unfortunately my work leave has been denied for Arcanacon next year where I was going to run it as part of their '2012 End of the World' theme, so I'll have to make do with the much easier to swamp with my stuff venue here, unless new employment appears.

In between working on more Morrowguard conversions and my recent forays into the WoW TCG, I'm planning the next few months of local events. Breast Cancer Brawl is on the cards for October, while the Journeyman league from PP should hit in September. Everyones chomping at the bit for another tournament, so I'm hoping I can fit something small in during September at Infinity Games, unless The Hobby Matrix un-cancel their tournament plans.

As mentioned I've rediscovered the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, and you'll note above I've had some nice luck with cards. This $190ish card that turns into a mount for World of Warcraft (online MMO) players is going straight to the loveliest girl in all the land, my darling Daniela, who has put up with the dreaded 'PressGangerus Overenthusiasticus' over the last few months leading up to the Championships. Between that, the flowers, and the repeated beatings she gives me (usually at games), hopefully I'm doing my main calling and priority as well as the others.

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